This is a 99% pure CBD isolate with terpenes added from the Grape Ape strain. The product can be purchased for $50 US for a gram and ships quickly and discreetly. The flavor is strong and clean with a menthol base and slight grape overtone. Effects are nearly immediate and provide a sense of calm for many hours.

Color and Texture

The color of a pure CBD isolate in its natural state appears white, although it is truly transparent. The addition of the Grape Ape terpenes gives this specific product a faint yellowish hue.

The texture of this terpene rich isolate is similar to a fine salt and is composed of extermely fine crystalline shards. It is quite easy to grab a scoop of it onto a dabbing tool as the terpenes provide just enough moisture to give it structure. Interestingly, any CBD remaining on the dabbing tool is released with a slight tap on the side of the glass product jar.   

Aroma and Flavor

When first opening the product container, there is a very strong pharmacutical, astringent aroma. The scent is very pleasant with a base odor is menthol with an overtone of fruity sweetness. This scent is so satifying that I found myself returning to the jar for a quick whiff to hold me over between vaping sessions.  

Vapor Production

In order to get the most out of this terpene infused CBD isolate, one should vaporize this at a lower temperature. This means setting your vaporizer pen to its lowest setting and heating your rig just enough to melt the crystals. You will find that doing so will grately increase the enjoyment of the mentholated, grape flavor. I use a ceramic donut atomizer with my Saber Vape Wax pen, which provides a very nice even heating of this isolate.

The amount of isolate that you are vaping and the temperature of your heating source will dictate the volume of vapor produced. Those individuals with a higher tolerance to CBD may habitually use more isolate to create huge clouds. With this large volume one can also expect a dense vapor. Those using a variable voltage vape pen set on a low to mid heat may find that the vapor produced is of lesser volume and thinner density. Still, the CBD and terpenes will enter the lungs providing relief at either vapor volume and density.


Within a minute of vaping, a sense of relaxation and release of tension is experienced. Each person experiences the use of this CBD isolate in different ways because of their tolerance to cannabidiol, their general health, and other situational factors. In an ideal setting one feels a general sense of wellbeing with a noticable change in mental perception. For me this change includes the ability for thoughts to move through my mind without being judged. This feeling is not the same euphoria as when vaporizing marijuana, but very clear headed.

Final Thoughts

Empire Wellness has provided another great product. The price of this high grade CBD isolate is reasonable and the ability to choose additional terpenes makes this even better. This specific blend of CBD and Grape Ape terps provided me with a long lasting release of tension and stress. It was perfect for reducing my symptoms of anxiety and softened those triggers that tend to agitate me. Use this isolate in a vaporizer or on a rig to generate satsifying clouds of relief. Check out my video review below for more details about this product. Cheers!

99% Pure CBD Isolate