Phytofamily describes their PhytoResin.

This is the third batch of our newest extract from the Spectrum Strain and it is a single-source extract. All the source material comes from one field, on one Colorado farm within the PhytoFamily farm network.
If you got our very first batch of PhytoResin, this will be very similar. The flavor is very complex, and has a little brighter, more floral flavor than our PhytoResin Blend no. 1 which is our fourth batch.
It is high in CBG at 12.7% and CBD at 65%.

This extract is drenched in terpenes which are very heat sensitive, so it must be dabbed at a low temperature, otherwise the terpenes will burn and you will not get the true flavor of the extract.
The suggested temperature range for a Low-Temp Dab is 315-450°F. This is the ideal temperature for vaporization of all cannabinoids and terpenes while retaining maximum flavor.

The cannabinoid concentration process used to create the PhytoResin extract results in high levels of CBD, CBG and terpenes but only 0.3% THC. Check out the test results and you’ll see a whopping 12.7% concentration of CBG!
The sugary crystals and soft texture are unique among our products and make this extract easy to combine with your cannabis dabs for an extra boost of CBD, or with AA-Grade Powder CBD Isolate for a “dip-n-dab”. Out of all our Full Spectrum extracts, the PhytoResin is most similar to “live resin” or “sugar wax” that you will find at high-end dispensaries.
Our R&D team has been pushing their processes to the limit and we’re excited to be sharing this highly unique new extract with you. The soft buttery texture makes it perfect for combining with other extracts or isolate powder, and the pure hemp terpene profile has hints of sweet lime and honey.
There are no added terpenes in our PhytoResin – just the delicious natural terpene profile and range of cannabinoids.  This extract is produced with just ethanol and water.  It is the cleanest CBD you can find on the market.  The process to create this beautiful sugary slab leaves the terpenes unadulterated and delicious making for a flavorful bouquet.
The beauty of our full-spectrum extracts are their complex cannabinoid profile.  With our 99.9% CBD Isolate, you are only getting CBD.  The CBD Isolate doesn’t have as much soul to it as these full spectrum extracts, and we encourage you to explore the spectrum of cannabinoids available in our extracts.
We are focused on pushing our R&D on these pure hemp extracts to the limit right now.  Let us know what you think of our new slabs by sending us a message at

PhytoResin – Single Source – Full Spectrum – Spectrum Strain

CBD Phytoresin