This is a potent CBD rich live resin wax produced through a CO2 extraction method. Both ACDC and Charlotte’s Web strains are used as the base material for this live resin wax. The cost of one gram is $70 US and shipment is quick and discreet.

Color and Texture

The live resin wax is a very soft hue of yellow and has the consistency of butter. This texture is more moist than crumble wax and yet not sticky like other resins. Cutting through this wax is a dream and it makes loading your vape pen or rig extremely easy. There is just enough moisture to stick to your dabbing tool while still allowing the material to release once it is in your vape pen atomizer or on a nail.

Aroma and Flavor

There is a very pleasant scent of citrus when one first opens the glass jar. A quick whiff will surely send your nostrils into a frenzy. Not too potent, yet it provides a very fulfilling aroma.

The flavor upon inhalation of this CBD live resin wax also has a characteristic hint of citrus. At times I found that there was a slight sweetness remeniscent of bubble gum. On the exhale the citrus flavor was less intense and provided a slight residual flavor on the tongue. All in all, the aroma and flavor is wonderful.

Vapor Production

Another nice feature of this CBD rich live resin is the smoothness of the hit. Great volumes of dense vapor were produced from the smallest of dabs. The vapor felt rather cool on the back of the throat with little detectible irritation. Even after several consecutive hits off my vape pen when set to its highest temperature setting my throat was free of irritation.


Within the first minute of vaping this CBD live resin wax, I could feel a slight pressure at the back of my eyes. This frequently occurs when the CBD product I an vaping is working as expected. Next comes an feeling of total release of the tension in the shoulders and neck. Finally a general sense of wellbeing is experienced. There is a change in mental state while using this wax, a feeling of focussed awareness without the cloudiness that THC products often produce. This makes it a perfect product to vape and dab before going out with friends and family. I also experienced a reduction in the triggers that usually cause frustration and anger.

Final Thoughts

Empire Wellness has created a very special CBD rich live resin wax. The color, texture, and flavor are exceptional. Vapor production is substantial as is the density of vapor produced. Higher quality vape pens and desktop vaporizers will work great with this wax. This product carries with it satisfying effects that last for hours. For a detailed review of this product watch the video below. CHEERS!

CBD Live Resin Wax