There are a lot of CBD products on the market these days. Yet, I have not seen one quite like this CBD Inhaler from the Enjoy Discreetly line of products by OneGro. It costs $80 and provides 100 metered doses. This unit is like the inhalers used by those suffering from asthma. Discreetly and conveniently get your daily CBD with this product.

What Comes in the Box

When you receive your product and open the shipping package, you will find a small blue box. It displays the OneGro logo and the Enjoy Discreetly trade mark. Inside the box is the inhaler with mouthpiece cover, a canister of CBD inhalant, and a trifold user manual. 

How to Use Inhaler

Follow all manufacterer’s directions with regards to use. The following is a summary of how to deliver a single dose of CBD. There are an estimated 100 doses (puffs) of cannabidiol per canister and each canister holds 480 mg of CBD. Therefore, the average dose will provide 4.8mg of CBD to the user per puff. 

Make sure that the canister of inhalant is placed into its plastic holder. After this is done, shake the unit vigorously a few times and remove the mouthpiece cover. Gently exhale and bring the mouthpiece of the inhaler to your opened lips. While inhaling, depress the top of the inhalant canister to deliver one dose. Continue to breath deeply and hold breath for about 10 seconds. The goal is to assimulate the CBD into your lungs and lining of the mouth, not to see how long you can hold your breath. Exhale normally and continue to take normal breaths. The recommendation is to take one puff or possibly two puffs and wait 10 minutes. Once you have gauged the effects, you can reduce or increase the number of doses per session.

I found that I need more doses per session than was recommended by the manufacterer. The CBD inhalant sprayed across my tongue and throat. The spray was bitter, acrid and irritated the back of my throat. Even after using this inhaler daily for over a week, the irritation during the dosing of this CBD was always present. 


Within a minute, I could feel a change in both my body and mind. There was a characteristic puffiness behind my eyes and a sense of wellbeing. I just felt more at ease and relaxed than prior to taking this product. The change in mental state was one of clarity and ease of thinking. The thoughts that usually clutter up my mind passed more freely. Yet, I was not altered in any way that was unsafe.

These affects lasted aroung an hour and then gently diminished. I administered these dosages about every four to six hours. So anywhere between 10 and 12 doses per day.  

Summary and Recommendations

Overall this CBD inhaler is a unique delivery system that provides accurately measured doses. The price is a bit steep for those needing to take more puffs per session than the average customer. At nearly 80 cents per dose, one can quickly reach ten dollars a day to get the relief they desire. 

The dispensing of the cannabidiol with an inhaler is very convenient. Still, the bitter taste of the spray and irritation to the throat does outway its benefits. The affects were pleasant and did provide some relief. I suggest this company tests natural flavor additives to give the spray a much less bitter taste. This may also reduce the irritation on the users throat. One should not have to purchase an additional extension to the mouthpiece as suggested by the manufacterer.  

Video Review

Check out my full video review of this product. I will discuss all aspects of this CBD inhaler and provide a visual demonstraion of how to use it. 

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