Product Overview

The Saber Vape wax pen is an ideal addition to anyone’s vape pen collection. This pen has many convenient features including a sleek, discreet design, three temperature settings, an auto heating setting, and magnetic components. The Saber Vape wax pen can be stored easily in a top shirt pocket or in a purse. A break down of the features can be found below.

What comes with this Kit

When you receive your Saber Vape wax pen you’ll find the following components housed inside the sturdy box. To open the box just pull up on the magnetic flap of the short end of this box. Inside is the Saber Vape battery, two seperate types of atomizers, a glass mouthpiece, charging unit, and a dabbing tool.

Glass Mouthpiece

One of the nicest ways to enjoy your wax, dab, shatter, and crumble is through the use of a glass mouthpiece. When the vapor passes from the heating units and up to your mouth, a glass pathway enables the retention of the materials truest flavour. The glass mouthpiece is extremely easy to clean with alcohol. In addition, there is a screen at the base of this mouthpiece. This screen restricts any bubble up or splash from your vaped material from reaching your lips. Fantastic for raw extracts that typical contain the full spectrum of lipids and waxes. Finally, the base of the mouthpiece connects magnetically to the included atomizers.

Dual Quartz Core Atomizer


One of the two atomizers that comes with the Saber Vape wax pen kit is a dual quartz core and coil setup. This atomizer does a great job at effectively and efficiently vaperizing a number of dabbing materials, including raw extracts, waxes, crumble, shatter and thick oils. Interestingly, the coils do not glow red hot even with the battery at its highest temperature setting. The atomizer chamber is rather deep and can be difficult to load sticky dabs to its base. There is a roughened texture to the lining of the chamber and this can assist with the release of those sticky dabs from your dab tool onto the chamber walls. In terms of vapor production, this atomizer creates a respectable density and volume of vapor even from the tiniest of dabs.

Ceramic Donut Atomizer

The second of two atomizers included in the vape kit is a ceramic donut. This atomizer uses the same chamber as the dual quartz core and coil atomizer. At the base of the chamber is a ceramic donut sitting on a heating coil. This allows for the majority of your dabbing material to be heated without touching any hot coils, reducing the potential of microcombustion. The chamber walls have a rough texture as previously described enabling easier loading of sticky dabs. I suggest that the user heats the donut for a single cycle before inhaling the vapor. This first run through of the cycle increases the heat retained in the donut and provides better heating for subsequent inhales. As with the other atomizer, this magnetically connects to the vape pen battery for easy changing between atomizers, cleaning, and loading on the go. In terms of vapor production, the ceramic donut produces a less dense vapor with less volume than that of the dual quartz core and coil atomizer.

Vape Pen Battery

The Saber Vape wax pen comes with a very sleek, black matte finish, discreet battery. There are several nice features of this battery including a powerful 650 mah charge capacity, three temperature settings, and a convenient auto heat setting. The battery power can be toggled on/off by pressing the power button 5 times. The battery will turn off automatically after several seconds to reduce the drain on the battery charge and increase the lifespan of the atomizers. To cycle through the temperature settings, click the power button three times. The different temperatures are low, medium, and high and have a corresponding color of blue, green, and red respectively. Experiment to determine the appropriate temperature setting needed for the dabbing material you are loading. Finally there is an Auto Heat setting for each of the three temperature ranges. Once a temperature range has been selected, press the power buton twice to engage this feature. The atomizer will heat itself for several seconds, providing even heating of your dabbing material. As trivial as it may seem, this feature is extremely useful while dabbing on the go and is not found in other vaporizers in this price range.

Battery Charger

This battery charger is extremely easy to use as it connects magnetically to the Saber Vape wax pen battery. Just disconnect the glass mouthpiece and atomizer by pulling on them gently. Attach the battery charger to a wall adapter and plug into an outlet. The battery can be fully charged within a few hours. I have found that with moderate use this battery is functional for several days before needing a charge.

Final Thoughts

This is a quality, sleek, and effective handheld portable vaporizer for wax, dab, shatter, crumble, and thick oil. The folks at can help you with the purchase of this unit for $79.99 and with their huge selection of other vaping accessories. Use the discount code THEDABBER to recieve a 15% discount off your purchases. I have to give this a 5 out of 5 on my Dabber Scale and would recommend this vape pen to anyone interested in a discreet yet powerful portable unit. For additional information on vaping herb and concentrates check out this great article.

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