The Saber Vape Wax Pen has some very functional features, most notably the use of magnetic mouthpiece, atomizers, and charger. Switching between atomizers, one with a dual quartz core/coil setup and the second with a ceramic donut setup, is so easy. Just pull gently on the contact points between these magnitized components to seperate them. Putting this Saber vape wax pen back together is just as simple. It is also very convenient to have these vape pen pieces magnetized for easy loading your wax on the go.
Charging this vape pen is very easy. All you have to do is seperate the battery base from the atomizer by gently pulling them apart. Once apart bring the magnetized ends of the vape pen battery and the charger  together. They will attract and snap into place. Finally plug in the charger to an adapter and plug into an electrical outlet.  This wax vape pen charges quite fast and a refresher charge can be completed in about 15 minutes.
Check out the video below for details of how to charge your Saber Vape Wax Pen. If interested in purchasing this wax vape pen, please visit the or click on the button below.

Saber Vape Wax Pen

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