The combination of a fine dry herb grinder and a high quality dry herb vaporizer creates the perfect scenario for your next sesh. The fine folks at hand picked these items for my review and I was more than satisfied with each product. For about $175, you can own this combo, which will provide you many great vaping sessions at home, during a walk, or before hitting the stage for a gig!

Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer

This well made, portable vaporizer does a fantastic job at providing all you need for vaping dry herb. Considered an entry level unit, it performs very well and provides rich, tasty clouds from your favorite strains. At only $139.99 it is a must have for anyone interested in joining the vaping community and for those veteran vapers out there.

Sharpstone Herb Grinder

An impressive grinder with a clear top so that you can monitor the grinding progress. This is an extremely durable and economical unit. With a price of only $35.99 it out performed my expectations. A clear top, sharp grinding teeth, large storage container, and fine kief catcher. This Sharpstone Herb Grinder should be your go to for your quality grinding needs.

Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer

When your purchased Eclipse arrives at your doorstep you will be eager to see what is inside that shipping box. It is loaded with great tools to make your dry herb vaping a success and pleasurable. You get the Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer, several cleaning tools, a brush, extra rubber O-rings, flat plastic mouthpiece, additional glass mouthpiece, and a USB charger. All of these items are carefully placed into a really nice protective case.

Loading the Dry Herb

Once you have ground up approximately a tablespoon of dry herb, you can begin to load it into your Eclipse vaporizer. Begin by removing the plastic mouthpiece to expose the ceramic heating chamber. This is quite a deep chamber with solid sides and several small holes at its base. Be sure there is no remaining dry herb in the chamber from a previous session prior to loading new material. Take a small pinch of the ground herb and drop it into the chamber. Continue this process until the herb reaches the top to the heating chamber, then gently tap the material down with the included dabbing tool. Do not pack the dry herb too tightly in the chamber, doing so will restrict the heat from penetrating all of the material. Sweep any remaining dry herb into the chamber and replace the plastic or glass mouthpiece.

Operating the Eclipse

Turn on the Eclipse by pressing the main power button 5 times consecutively. Toggle between the On an Off settings by pressing the main power button 5 times. Once the unit is powered on the OLED display will display the current desired temperature. The temperature range for the Eclipse is 300-435 degrees fahrenheit. The great thing about this vaporizer is the ability to adjust your heat settings by single degrees. When you have set yor desired temperature, the OLED displays the increasing temperature and the word “Heat”. Once the desired temperature has been reached this word will change to “Warm”. At this point the dry herb is being vaporized at it is time for you to take your draw off the mouthpiece. During your session the Eclipse will continue to maintain the desired temperaturefor optimum heating and taste.


After each session remove all of the vaporized material ensuring that the unit has cooled completely.  If properly vaporized the herb should have a slight tan appearance. Use the provided brush to clean the heating chamber. Use the same brush to remove any debris from the mouthpice screen. Next inspect the O-rings to ensure they are correctly seated and in good condition. If these break or wear out replace them with the additional O-rings provided with the Eclipse kit. To charge the vaporizer after use, just plug the micro USB cable into the Eclipse and then use an adapter to plug into a wall receptical or other USB compatible power source. This unit holds a charge for multiple sessions and recharges in just a few hours.


The Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer is an incredibly powerful and portable handheld unit. With a retail price under $140 and durable build, this is a great addition to any vaper’s collection. I found that the unit was easy to hold, had a great battery life, and created a very satisfying dry herb vapor. When the temperature setting is dialed in properly, the true taste of your herbal strain shines through, without the burnt popcorn flavor. I highly recommend the Eclipse Dry Herb Vaporizer for beginners and veterans alike.

Sharpstone Dry Herb Grinder

This durable and attractive dry herb grinder handles all of your grinding needs. With three separate chambers to divide your ground herb from the fine keif and a clear magnetic top, it is a bargain for $35.99. You can choose from the colors Black, Gun Metal, and Silver plus there are two sizes as well, 55mm and 63mm. The following review discusses the Black 63mm model.

Operating the Grinder

Getting started with this grinder is a breeze. Just remove the clear, magnetic top and place its of your dry herb between the teeth of the grinder. These teeth are extremely sharp so keep that in mind when loading it. Once you have loaded all of your herb, place the clear top onto the main grinder body. The top is magnetic and remains firmly attached to the grinder body during the grinding process. Having the ability to see your herbs through this clear top enables one to grind your herbal material to the consistency you desire without having to remove the top.

Start the grinding process by twisting the second section of the grinder clockwise and counterclockwise. As the dry herb becomes finer the twisting will become much easier. All of the ground material will fall into the holding chanber below. If for some reason all of the herb does not get ground, remove the top, adjust the unground herb, replace top, and start grinding again.

Now that all of the dry herb has been finely ground, unscrew the section housing the teeth and view the results. The material should be finely ground and fluffy in texture, perfect for loading into a pipe, stemware, rolling papers, or dry herb vaporizer. This compartment can also be used to hold a large quantity of ground herb until you are ready to use it.

Below this chamber is the final portion of the grinder, the kief collector. During the grinding process all of the extra fine material falls through a screen and is collected. There is a nice little scraping tool that can be used to gather this extra fine material. Placing this kief onto your ground herb can add a great “boost” effect to your session.


This four piece grinder is also very easy to clean. Wiping down the empty sections of the grinder after each use can increase its longevity and reduce the amount of effort needed to fully clean it. All of the stuck dry herb can be removed from the teeth with a small stiff brush, not included. All of the sections can also be cleaned with alcohol when empty to ensure optimum cleanliness.


The Sharpstone dry herb grinder is a pleasure to use. It rips through the toughest of materials with easy. The ability to view the grinding process through the clear top is fantastic as you can determine when all the material has been ground without having to remove it. Having this clear top magnitized also brings the user a sense of comfort and ease of use. I would recommend this grinder to all users from novice to expert.